About Us

I thought I'd tell you a little bit about us. I've wanted to run my own business for a long time, and so I made the decision to leave my job and concentrate on my graphic and web design work. However, soon a little seed of an idea grew that excited me even more - HowCurious? Ltd! I left Alunah; my busy touring and recording band of 11 years, in order to concentrate on and go full time with HowCurious? Ltd (as well as an exciting new music project!). With 20 years of marketing, graphic and web design experience; and a lifetime of buying unusual gifts for my family and friends, it was only a matter of time. 

HowCurious? Ltd began life in 2017 with our Curious Gift website, selling all kinds of lovely weird and wonderful curiosities. In 2020, I launched the Curious Box website, with the aim to provide beautifully illustrated gift boxes full of mainly new, but also some of the existing items from Curious Gift. My husband Dave also joined the business full time.

We have some absolutely wonderful customers with curious minds; our interest in the unexplained, unusual, religious (nature based), artistic and mythical has bought us all together, and for that reason I feel so lucky. I love buying unique items for our home and unusual gifts for our loved ones, but always spend hours trying to hunt them down. So, our aim is to bring together all those wonderful subjects, gather some cool and unique items, and make some new curious friends. 

It is so important to support small businesses and we can't thank you enough. Our animals Shelby, Olive and Purdy thank you too, for helping us to keep them in treats :)

Lots of love, Sophie and Dave xxx

HowCurious? Ltd